“Act For The Greater Goods”

20 September 2018

“The great nation is a nation that respects the services of their heroes” (Soekarno)

We are not born to be an instant generation, We are strive to be a generation who can be useful for others and the environment.

Let us become one of them start from the smallest sphere.

No string attached and unselfish

Today, Indonesia is commemorating National Heroes’s Day. The historical battle of Surabaya on November 10th 1945 became the momentum that bring the day to be the national national hero day which is commemorated every year. Not only Indonesia that belongs its own national hero day. Almost all the countries surely do. The widely spread of National Heroes’s day commemoration, sometimes pops the question within our mind like who are ‘heroes’? Why should we commemorate them?

Heroes are persons who beyond that have made significant positive contributions to the growth and development of society, and represents all of us. Lot of them even sacrificed their life to realize the dream of people’s self-determination as a family, society, even nation. To know our heroes is to know ourselves: our values, our collective history, who we are, and what makes us as Indonesians great.  Acknowledging our heroes is an acknowledgement of who we are – of our history, heritage, and culture. The National Hero designation is a lifetime honour that is bestowed, and once a person is named as a National Hero he or she will be a National Hero forever.

Nevertheless, in today’s perspectives, heroes designation not merely given to those were fought to death in the battlefield. Once, Maya Angelou said,’I think a hero is any person really intent on making this to a better place for all people.’ This perspective seems is well-received especially for mass media. It is proven by some emerging awards event in Indonesia’s today media which seeking some outstanding people who has contributed big things for their society such as Kick Andy Heroes, Seputar Indonesia Awards, and many other. But, today’s heroes are not limited to them who winning the awards, heroes could be anyone who created changes in their cycles. Even anyone can have their own personal heroes that is different to one and another.

Nowadays, the society development-oriented role model is play important part in building public’s paradigm. This is a very challenging homework for some parties.These kind of heroes can be the icon to campaign certain desired that relates with society development, and character building. There were many discussion talked that the most challenging in building people paradigm is about role model crisis. To encounter this problem we need to blow up these persons with an impressive individual personal branding. This marketing strategy is commonly used especially for public service advertisement which is non-profit and emphasizing on promoting certain program related to society development strategic.Public service advertisement is used to grow people’s solidarity to solve a social problems. It is made to encourage public’s active participation to engage in the missions or programme that made to solve the problems. For example is the marine conservation programme by World Wildlife Fund (WWF), which launched #seasoldier which is not only campaigned by environment-concerned public figure like Nadine Chandrawinata also by them who contributed in marine reservation. It caught WWF’s eyes then Nadine was pointed to become WWF’s honorary supporter to deliver WWF’s National Action Plans including public education exhibition related to the campaign like #SOShark #SaveOurShark which aiming to eradicate shark trade especially in luxury restaurant which usually serve shark fin on menu. The campaign apparently about to target the #solution about the #harmony of marine ecosystem. Nadine Chandrawinata existence in the team supported by her great effort on individual personal branding via social media to show that she is not an ordinary ambassador, but she really does concern towards marine environment issue, successfully boosting public participation in the programme.

Another example of nowadays hero that is counted to be a good influence to the society is Raden Ngabehi Surakso Hargo, well-knowned as Mbah Maridjan (May peace be upon him), who were protecting the #harmony between men, tradition and nature/environment on the Merapi slope with a #unique local genious and cultural approach. His lifetime spent to mitigate the Merapi eruption disaster and prevent greater loss of life. To the people who is living in Sleman, he is a hero to them. His attractive personality is still lingering even after his tragical death in 2010 proven by tourist enthusiasm in visiting his home’s ruins which destroyed by volcanic ash. Before his death he was starring a TV commercial on an energy drink product that bringing message the importance of hard work. Mbah Maridjan had a #loyalty to the tradition he kept within his #spirit therefore no wonder he got Anugerah Budaya Award in 2011. In line with Mbah Maridjan, and Nadine who had done big thing to keep a balance environment which allow men and nature #growing in harmony, we have Lidjie Taq from East Kalimantan. In 2004, the Wehea Dayak community of Nehas Liah Bing (Nehas) feared their forest would be lost forever. In response to this threat, the community banded together and declared the Wehea Forest a “locally protected forest”. The man leading this conservation effort is the 61-year-old Ledjie Taq, the tribal leader of the Wehea Dayak of East Kalimantan. In recognition of conservation efforts, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of Indonesia awarded Ledjie Taq the prestigious Bintang Jasa Pratama medal in 2009. In addition, Ledjie Taq won the Kalpataru Environment Savior Award, Indonesia's highest environmental honor.

Ledjie Taq gathered multi-lateral support for protecting Wehea Forest through a customary council meeting held in November 2004. Representatives from local Dayak communities, the local government and private sector attended this council meeting and agreed to support the declaration of 38,000 hectares of an abandoned timber concession as ‘protected land’ under Wehea Dayak traditional 'adat’ law. The newly established protected area was given the local name Keldung Laas Wehea Long Skung Metqueen (The Wehea protected forest located between the rivers of Skung and Metqueen). Ledjie Taq and the Wehea Dayak community wanted to protect Wehea Forest because of its importance as a source for water and medicinal plants, as well as non-timber forest products. In addition, Ledjie Taq knew that protecting Wehea Forest was critical for helping to protect the Wehea Dayak culture. As cultural head of the Wehea Dayak, Ledjie Taq knew that if the forest around Wehea was lost, important traditions and ceremonies would be lost as well. Since Wehea Forest lies within the historical territory of the Wehea Dayak, Ledjie Taq knew that protecting Wehea Forest under adat law was also important for recovering some of the Wehea Dayak traditional land rights.

However, even heroes in today’s life still need a role model which encourage them to done good things. It is always make sense that we always need reasons and motivation to fight for something. And our national heroes’s service which is commemorated today, can be one of plenty reasons why we should make this nation to be better and better because it is not easy to free this nations. As said above, we should ponder on the service of our National Heroes done, as we are commemorating today. We can learn to have some braveheart from Bung Tomo, we can learn a fearless determination from Syahrir, the power of diplomatic ties from Hatta and Subandrio, we can also learn to dream big and make it happen from Ir. Soekarno., because nowadays hero still need a role model to understand their values, history, and heritage.

Actually, there is stil empty list of today’s hero list. As Maya Angelou said, that a hero could be any person who intent to make good changes. We can fulfill the blank list with our dedication on social development. Nadine, Mbah Maridjan, and Lidjie Taq are only a few of people that inspire us to do better. They are some role models which is not only represent their community, but also represent Skala Creative Communications in bringing spirit of growing in harmony and having a PLUS value, which stands for Professional, Loyal, Unique, and Solution. It is possible that the future hero could be designated to one of the readers here. After our National Heroes’ long struggle, the duty is now in our palm of hand. For the blood they spoiled we owe them a good dedication on society development.